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August 24, 2013

Clearing Off My Workspace

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I decided this week to clear off my workspace. How does it all pile up! I was once told that at the end of every project, you should clear your workspace before you start a new project. I have never been very good at that . Also it is the place I drop things that next to be put when there isn’t time to do it now.

So I moved everything from my work table to my dining room table. OK. It will have to get sorted now. Some things to throw out. Some things to give away. Sounds good. Oh but I could make a card from that. Where did that come from? That belonged to Matt when he was three. I can’t get rid of it. Now where does it really belong.

OK piles. I can put all the ribbon ends in the ribbon box. Feels good. Those stickers belong in Ganny’s Tickle bag for grandchildren crafts. Oh that would make a nice card.

Alright I didn’t get back to the piles and stopped and made this card. We need to create each day right. The card was made from left over scraps from a project I did last year and some Tim Holtz embellishments that my friend Kim gave me. I think it makes a nice masculine card to encourage someone special.

Well back to the table tomorrow and see what headway I can make. I think this will be a long process. I really don’t want to get rid of anything.Awesome card
Created using My Mind’s Eye, Sunshine Memories Blossoms Paper from the Lost and Found Two series and Sprockets from the Tim Holtz idea-olgy Sprocket Gears.

What are you doing to make your space better this week?


January 2, 2013

Welcome to 2013

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Well another year has come and gone. I am happy with my accomplishments for 2012.

  • I gathered information of our family genealogy to pass on to my grandchildren.
  • We took a cruise to Alaska with two of our grandchildren.
  • We discovered KOA Camping Cabins and had two very interesting camping trips.
  • I studied several really good books on faith with a group at our church. This later item has lead me on a different voyage.

I desire more joy in my life. The Bible gives us the promise that “the joy of the Lord is our strength” I work out with a trainer each week to try to keep my body strong. But there is a different kind of strength that we need in these turbulent times. The strength to seek peace when the world seems to spiral around us.  The inner strength to withstand sickness.  I am sure I will find many other forms of strength as I study this year.

I have decided to seek joy in 2013 since joy seems to be the root of strenth. I am not sure what this voyage will entail but I will seek to understand the meaning of joy and I am sure I will travel into creativity as I search.

2013 Year of Joy 002

January 1. Two years ago I got a painting set for Christmas. In the past 24 months I have not found the time or desire to open the box and try to paint something. Yesterday was the day of new beginnings so I took the plunge. It was a really enjoyable time. As I started with yellow in the top corner, I had no idea where it would lead. This is the result. I am well pleased in this beginning.


2013 Year of Joy 001


January 2nd Today I have started to build my own definition of joy. Here is one that I found on the internet.


A feeling of great pleasure and happiness.
A thing that causes joy.


delight – gladness – pleasure – mirth – rejoicing


I think this has more to do with rejoicing with gladness than it does in pleasure and mirth.  I look forward to seeing what this year will bring.

I look forward to hearing what others think about joy and its relationship to strenth.

April 16, 2012

Charity Wings at CHA in Chicago in July

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Live from CHA 2012 If you can’t join us in Chicago this July, consider joining in with live streaming video. Click on icon to find out about how yuo can have fun and help at the same time.

August 3, 2011

My Little Shoebox has arrived

The summer offerings from My Little Shoebox are now instock.

My Little Shoebox - SIdewalk Chalk

From the Playtime selection

You can see them all at

Be the first to start scrapbooking with these beautiful papers. Place you order now for immediate delivery only $1 per sheet.

April 17, 2011

Heelers Crop

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I had a great time at the Heelers Crop in Winchester yesterday. The girls did a great job and raised lots of money for their charity. It was nice to have a day to just work on my projects, without interruptions. I put together 8 cards from a We R Memories kit and I designed a make and take card for our Croptopia Weekend. I also met a new friend Diana. We are both Scrapping Grannies.

April 9, 2011

Playing with colour

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The sales items will actually continue until midnight tonight, rather than have each one run for a short time.

I love to buy letters that are white. They can be inked, chalked, stamped on and painted. You can make them fit in to any project that you are doing because they will always match.

Our evening special for you is White Thickers. They come in chipboard and Fabric. Special tonight only $2.00.

Online Crop Today

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In honour of the online crop, we are offering a sale today. My Little Shoebox and Buttons and Ribbons form Buttons Galore and More are on sale 25% off from 3 – 6. You can pick up in Ottawa, at Croptopia IAWAH next month or pay shipping of $8.00 for orders under $50. As usual orders over $50 will be shipped free.

April 5, 2011

Create and Treasure

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i create treasures

March 2, 2011

March National Crafting Month

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This month has been set aside to “craft”. Whether you love to craft all the time or have never crafted before, I encourage you to craft something this week. I will be knitting every Thursday with a group of wonderful ladies at our local seniors center. Next weekend I will be scrapbooking in Petawawa at Yap N Scrap. March 18th and 19th Croptopia will be holding a Release Party for all the new items arriving from our buying trip to CHA. Check out our website if you are interested in attending. On March 26th I will be cropping in Kingston at an all day crop a friend is holding. Then I will be taking a road trip with my daughter to the CHA papercrafting event in Toronto. In between I will be doing some quilting and scrapbooking at home. I encourage you to try a craft today.

February 26, 2011


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It is so hard to understand God when things happen that I don’t expect. When twice this year, a great person has died, while so many bad people all over the world live on.

When an older person dies you look at all they have done and say ” they accomplished much for the Lord, they raised good children, who are also raising good children and they have touched many who will continue the work.

But when a young person dies who, albeit has already touched many for the Lord, but had so many dreams left unfinished, who had young children and a young wife who needed him. Then I get confused. So many people have been touched by this tragic accident. Lord bless them all. Send your comforting Holy Spirit to hold them close and Jesus they need you to carry them now.

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