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October 22, 2012

Join Me On A Journey – Step Eight

I finished my notes about my paternal grandfather. That completes all my grandparents. I have written a page about each of them, listing the things that I remember about each of them.

This week I will go back to the beginning and fill in the vital statistics for each one. I will search my family records for places and dates for births, marriages, deaths. I will also include baptism and church confirmations where I can find them.

At the same time I have been continuing to play with colours and create some art pages in my journal. In this one, I did a washed background of gelatos. I put a foggy sun in the sky and included a stock of wheat to remind me of Manitoba. I stamped on a house to represent the house my grandfather built and the reminder that a house should be built on a firm foundation. My grandfather built the house around 1920 and it still stands today.

MAnitoba 1

The image isn’t very clear but the overall effect was kind of foggy, like an early morning haze.

I would love to hear the stories you are remembering about your grandparents. Be free to include them in a comment.


September 14, 2012

Step Six: Join Me On a Journey

This week I have been on a the Disney Cruise Ship WOnder, with two of our grandchildren. It was such a wonderful time. They live on the other side of Canada so we only see them once or twice each year. Even with that much involvement we know them quite well and it was a joy to get to know them better. We did side trips in Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway. They panned for gold, ate BBQ salmon and studied glaciers. I found out that Daniel loves seafood and will try just about anything off the menu and Andrew has the most wonderful laugh. It was a thoroughly lovely vacation.

I thought I would spend time writing memories in my little journal book but I found I was having too much fun making new memories. For that reason I didn’t get on to this weeks blog entry until Thursday night.

This week I wrote my memories about my step-grandfather. I didn’t know him well but found I had lots of memories as each one unwrapped the next. I tried to write what I felt about what I knew about him. I didn’t worry about dates, I just wrote what I remembered. I will seek out more detailed information about his life statistics after I have written my memories of each individual that I want to remember.

step six journey art page
For my art page I took out my gelatos and did a muted wash of light blue. I coloured lightly on the page and then smudged it all with a baby whip. Then I rubbed some green on a stamping block, added water and then used a brush to accent the edges of the page. I look forward to watching some videos over the next week and finding some more things that I can do with my art materials.

step six pine stamp
Then I pulled out an old Stampin Up leaf set and decided to stamped a Pine branch motif up the side of the page in dark green. I over washed it with some silver but it doesn’t show up very well.

I am definitely doing this in baby steps but it is going forward. I like that I have made a committment to post every Friday and it gives me a goal each week. I open my house to anyone who wants to join me to scrapbook or paint on Thursday nights, so I always have company as I am finishing up.

Over the next two weeks I will be writing about the grandparents that I knew the best, so I will be writing much more.

April 30, 2008

Another Grey Day

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I am moving really slowly today.  It is grey outside and I always feel more up when the sun is here to meet me in the morning.  Today I will clean my house.  Did I sound convincing?  Well I intend do intend to do it.  House group is here tonight so I don’t really have a choice.

I am enjoying getting things prepared for our big retreat next month.  WIth 90 woman attending there are lots of details to attend to.  About 2/3 of those are people who have attended before and the rest are new.  It is a challenge to keep the same structure to the weekend each year but add enough new items to the schedule to keep it interesting.  We have several new teachers this year and a new demonstrator for the make and take area.  We will also be venturing into digital scrapbooking with an introductory one on one class operating throughout the weekend.  We also have two new stores joining us this year.  I am glad I can leave all the store details to Matt. 

In January I challenged to create a new scrapbook layout each day for the whole year.  I am so far behind now that I despare of ever catching up again.  Oh well off to face the day.


April 24, 2008

Rainy Day

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So I know that we need rain in the spring for the flowers and the vegetables to come later but I find it so hard to get motivated on GREY days. 

I decided to pull out a box of history and see if I can get some of it to go into the garbage or in this case into the recycle bin.  Oh no! Printed on the top of this box is Home Schooling.  That means that this box contains “stuff” from the years when I homeschooled Lisa and Jason.  Grade 8 and 9 for Jason and 8 – graduation for Lisa.   Let me see Lisa is now 29 and Jason is 28. 

 Logically everything that is in the box is garbage.  Sentimentally, each piece brings back a memory which I like to hold onto.  I am about to tackle the box.  I will report back on whether I mannage to actually get rid of anything.



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