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October 8, 2012

Life is Wonderful and Busy

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Well for those of you who have been following this journey, I say I am sorry. I have missed a couple of weeks. It has been a busy time for us. My daughter and I took a week for ourselves. The men looked after the children and we attended a couple of crafting conferences. With a 9 year old boy, a 2 year old girl, a 1 year old boy and a baby on the way, there will not be many times in the next few years that we can get away together. Gramps went and helped keep house so that dad could go to work. It all went very well. Meanwhile Lisa and I attended Crop and Create put on by Scrapbooks and Cards Magazine, here in Ottawa. Then we went to Toronto for a few days to attend the Craft and Hobby Association Creative Conference. Marjolaine Walker from Twelve Stones joined us and we had a great time.
The next day I was up to Petawawa to celebrate our youngest grandson’s first birthday. Then on Sunday we were off to Bath Ontario where we received out ministry licenses from the Independent Assemblies of God. We worked for many years and were very pleased to finally reach this goal.

licencing 2012

As you can see I have been very busy but even with that I have still found time to craft. I have been knitting twisty scarves to sell at our senior’s center. I was not sure how I would like knitting these but I am enjoying it immensely. There are so many different yarns and colours to choose from and they are really very easy to make.

twisty scarves

I also completed a quilt for my grandson’s birthday. It has dinosaur print cotton on the top, stripped ruffle on the edge and the back picks up the green in the pattern in flannel.

working on micheal’s quilt

My daughter and I are making everything for his room out of the dinosaur decorated cloth. The room is going to look so cute when we are finished.
dinosaur print

Join me again on Friday when I will have the eighth installment of my “Join Me on a Journey”.

Please comment and let me know what projects you have been working on.


September 22, 2012

Join Me on a Journey Step Seven

This week I journaled about my paternal grandmother. She is the one that I knew the best because I grew up living only a few blocks away from her. I will be adding memory pages about her for some time to come.

My art page for this week is a little different. I wanted to represent the love I felt for and from my grandmother and also the energy that she should in her life. I started by smudging the background with a baby wipe and red and orange Big Brush pens from Faber-Castell. I liked the muted affect that it gave to the page.

Then I used a mask to create blue and red dots on the page.
Step seven journey 009

I decided to try a little zentangle up one side of the page and for the first time I put some colour in the doodle.

I used a piece of the mast to mat the cloud for my Bible message and added a stamp of a gentle woman in the background and a humming bird.
gentle woman
I hope the overall affect is one of energy and love. Again I am trying things for the first time and the balance is often not quite as I would like it but it is interesting to work on it.
whole page

I have one more grandparent to write about and then I will start getting into gathering some statistics.

Please comment and let me know what you are working on. Put in a link so I can see your work too.

September 14, 2012

Step Six: Join Me On a Journey

This week I have been on a the Disney Cruise Ship WOnder, with two of our grandchildren. It was such a wonderful time. They live on the other side of Canada so we only see them once or twice each year. Even with that much involvement we know them quite well and it was a joy to get to know them better. We did side trips in Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway. They panned for gold, ate BBQ salmon and studied glaciers. I found out that Daniel loves seafood and will try just about anything off the menu and Andrew has the most wonderful laugh. It was a thoroughly lovely vacation.

I thought I would spend time writing memories in my little journal book but I found I was having too much fun making new memories. For that reason I didn’t get on to this weeks blog entry until Thursday night.

This week I wrote my memories about my step-grandfather. I didn’t know him well but found I had lots of memories as each one unwrapped the next. I tried to write what I felt about what I knew about him. I didn’t worry about dates, I just wrote what I remembered. I will seek out more detailed information about his life statistics after I have written my memories of each individual that I want to remember.

step six journey art page
For my art page I took out my gelatos and did a muted wash of light blue. I coloured lightly on the page and then smudged it all with a baby whip. Then I rubbed some green on a stamping block, added water and then used a brush to accent the edges of the page. I look forward to watching some videos over the next week and finding some more things that I can do with my art materials.

step six pine stamp
Then I pulled out an old Stampin Up leaf set and decided to stamped a Pine branch motif up the side of the page in dark green. I over washed it with some silver but it doesn’t show up very well.

I am definitely doing this in baby steps but it is going forward. I like that I have made a committment to post every Friday and it gives me a goal each week. I open my house to anyone who wants to join me to scrapbook or paint on Thursday nights, so I always have company as I am finishing up.

Over the next two weeks I will be writing about the grandparents that I knew the best, so I will be writing much more.

February 4, 2011

Good Intentions

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I had such good intentions when we started out on our holiday. I was going to post everyday. Things just don’t always work out. We realized on the ship that it would be just too expensive, as we were paying by the minute and the connection was slow. I also found that I was far too busy.
We had a wonderful time on the cruise. There was lots to do on the ship and we had some really interesting ports of call. On board we played team trivia every day. It was fun to try and guess at the answers that we didn’t know. I particularly liked the name that tune and show trivia because they held it in the 2 for 1 Martini bar. I discovered chocolate martinis. Yum.
We were on the Norweigen Star and the food was great. We ate dinner in the main dining room most evenings but sometimes we just went to the cafeteria area and the food there was just as good and different every day. I liked that if I wanted dessert, there was always on available that was made without sugar.
We went ashore at each port. At several we took a shore excursion. In Cabo San Lucas we drove dune buggies across town and out into the dessert. It was amazing fun for someone who is not so young anymore.
In each place we went there were markets with vibrant coloured hand crafted items. I wanted to bring it all home but had to keep thinking about the room in my suitcase. I settled for some small musical instruments for the grandchildren to play with when they visit Granny.

January 16, 2011

Day Three

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We woke up to a cool sunny morning here in Miami. We will join the ship at around noon today. We are full of expectation and thoroughly relaxed today. We look forward to what God has for us in the next few week.

January 14, 2011

On the Road Again

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Well here I am sitting in an airport on my way to adventure. Soon I will be leaving the snow behind and heading for Miami. It will be so nice to feel the warm sun on my tired sore joints.
Two day in Miami and we will board the Norwegian Star for 2 weeks at sea. I can hardly wait. Instead of our usual rush to meet schedules, this time we are going to treat our time on the ship like a health ranch. You know the kind where you eat carefully and exercise daily in the fresh air. I am so looking forward to it.
We will dock in LA just in time for the Craft and Hobby Association Winter Conference 4 days of classes, new products, make and takes, demos and shop, shop, shop.
The last day of the conference we will launch the new CHA Canada Section. I will be leading this meeting and I am so excited to be helping to birth this new group.

May 11, 2008

On the road again.

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I love to travel and we are on the road again.  This morning we packed up the car and set out for Ottawa.  I slept the whole way so didn’t see much of New Brunswick.  We got as far a Edmonston and after a supper at Boston Pizza we settled into our room at the Quality Inn.  I have spent the evening so far making mirror and felt embellishments for a scrapbooking swap that I am in.  It is nice to be away from home and have time to do crafts, without feeling there is housework that needs to be done.  I look forward to traveling through  Quebec tomorrow.

April 23, 2008


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I can’t believe how busy life can get and how quickly things can change.  We decided to leave Halifax and go to Ottawa for a little visit at Easter.  We set out on Good Friday morning.  We thought we needed a bit of a break so we went through the States.  It was a great day to travel and we made it to Bangor with no problem.  There were warnings of snow storms and ice everywhere but we saw none of that. 

We were surprised to find that our hotel was right across the highway from the local dump, but it was a great hotel – The White House hotel.  Our room was on the third floor,up under the roof which meant that our windows were skylights and the walls sloped up to the ceiling.  It was a nice room.

We found a cool steak house for supper.  We started off with all the peanuts you could eat.  I have never seen peanuts before that were roasted and salted while still in the shell.  They were delicious.  Our dinner of steak, salad, sweet potatoe fries and wonderful rolls really hit the spot and when the bill came we made the decision to always eat here when we are in Bangor.

The next day we set out for Burlington.  Again, except for a little drizzle, we didn’t see any of the storms that seemed to be going on all around us.  We decided to go across country and found it a little difficult to stay on our path, when going through some of the towns but we persevered and got into town quite early.  Our hotel room turned out to be a suite.  They had turned two regular motel rooms into a spacious suite.  We found a cute little italian restaurant for supper.  The salad and pasta was just what we needed. 

I spent the evening figuring out how to bead daisy chains like we used to make as teenagers.  This will be part of a class that I am teaching next month in Ontario.

After a breakfast of waffles we were on the road again and we got into Munster in the early afternoon.  We were met at the door by our son Matt, who should have been at work, and his two children, who were very glad to see Granny and Gramps.

Matt was there to tell us that Grandpa Irvine had died that morning, quite unexpectedly.  We were in shock.  He has been living on his own since his wife died last year and we were going to Ottawa to visit with him and see for ourselves that he had enough helpers coming in.  We were also going to talk to him about the possibility of going into a home next winter.  We were even considering moving to Ottawa and moving in with him for a few years so that he didn’t have to leave his home yet.

Everything changes in an instant.  Bruce organized the funeral arrangements for his dad.  We organized for our oldest son to come home.  The whole family was together again.  We all agreed that we need to organize a family reunion.  Bruce and I have lost 3 of our parents in the last year and a half.  We are tired of family reunions that revolve around funerals.

In meeting with the accountant and then having dad’s house appraised, we realized that it would make sense for us to inherit the house and let Bruce’s sister have the rest of the estate.  So all of a sudden it was decided that we would move home in September and our daughter Lisa and her son Gabriel would move in with us.

We have wondered for a long time what we would do when Bruce retired.  Now it seems to be all mapped out for us.  When God puts a plan into action, there are very few decisions to be made.  Everything is falling into place without much stress on our part.  Now we just have to sell our home here in Halifax and prepare to move.

Sometimes change comes with incredible stress and tearing away.  This one seems to be wrapped in grace and peace.  At each step we get a little surprise and bonus.  We are learning to live each day to its fullest and not give a lot of thought to tomorrow.  God will take care of tomorrow.  I am really looking forward to seeing what God has for us in the months to come. 

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